Dictators, bad for humanity; suffocate freedoms, depress economies, while hounding, jailing, and killing dissenters.
Away with Somoza, power to the people.
Power belongs to the people of Nicaragua.
Replace the Banana Republic of Nicaragua with the Peoples Republic of Nicaragua.
Replace the American suit with the Chinese suit.

Out goes Somoza with the help of the Peoples Liberation Army.
Peoples Liberation Army becomes Ortega’s Protection Army, defending Ortega and Ortega’s interests and not the Nicaraguan people.
Freedoms are stifled; opposition jailed, dissenters shot, economic growth replaced by economic depression, and a police state replaced a patronage state.

Nothing is changed in Nicaragua, when President Daniel Ortega replaced  President Anastasio Somoza except the replacement of the western suit with the Mao suit.
Dictatorship under Chairman Ortega as evil, if not more evil as dictatorship under Emperor Somoza.
Liberation Fighter Ortega, becomes Life President Ortega.

Demand change and all you get from the politicians are changes of uniforms.
Nigerians demanded change and the uniforms changed from western suits to Islamic baba riga and democracy changed to dictatorship.
Different continents, changes with similar results.
Letter N, present in both countries is a mere coincidence.

Better for oppressed citizens to demand change of uniforms – Ideology – by the current Dictator  – Devil – than change of current Dictator with another Devil – Dictator – in a different garb.
The Devil you are familiar with is a better bargain than a new Devil with an enticing garb.
After all, the road to hell is wider and smoother than the road to heaven.

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