An American Slave can become President of America.
Only Han Chinese can become President – Secretary General – of the Chinese Communist Party.

American Slaves endure Conservatism –  Systemic Racism and Hatism – administered by Whites.
Chinese Slaves endure Communism – Systemic Racism and Hatism – administered by Han Chinese.

Chinese Slaves are housed in Concentration Camps
American Slaves are Housed in Slums.

American Slaves have freedom of expression.
Chinese Slaves have freedom of keeping quiet, speak and go to jail.

American Slaves can own guns and move about freely.
Any Chinese Slave with a gun and moving is shot dead by the Peoples Liberation Army.

American Slaves can have sex and shit in private.
Chinese Slaves have cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms, monitoring every activity.

American Slaves can leave America for elsewhere.
Chinese Slaves are prohibited from leaving China.

Slavery is Evil but Chinese Slavery is “Eviler!”

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