US grants temporary protection to Hong Kong citizens visiting or studying in the US. Hong Kong citizens jump for joy and grab the opportunity to escape the draconian Hong Kong National Security Law, implemented by China on Hong Kong in 2020. All temporary protection visas gone in one hour.

China retaliates by granting temporary protection to US citizens studying or working in China. US citizens flee China afraid of being confined in concentration camps with Uighurs in Xinjiang, China. Not a single US citizen took up the offer by the Chinese Communist Party.

China resorts to issuing Communist propaganda and warnings condemning the US for interfering in Chinese – Hong Kongese – affairs. If China is so great, why did Americans in China, not take up the offer of temporary protection in China, from American Security Laws?
Will you?

Lesson: When a country exports to the world and pockets the profit – China – that nation – China – must accept criticism for violating international law – Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1997 – by the world’s top Policeman – The United States of America or risk being ticketed – sanctioned.

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