Covid-19 while pandemic is not decimating Nigerians in pandemic proportions. There are waiverless problems that are pandemic in Nigeria. Is Nigeria also seeking waivers to alleviate poverty? Is the hunger capital of the world seeking waivers to cultivate its land and feed her citizens? How about seeking waivers to provide basic health services to its citizens? Then waivers to provide electricity and pipe borne water to Nigerians. What of seeking educational waivers from UNESCO to educate its citizens as more children are not in school in Nigeria than in the rest of the world combined? Are waivers needed to end open defecation?

More importantly, waivers should be sought from Miyetti Allah and Islamic Association of World Terrorism respectively to fight Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen and Islamic Terrorists in Nigeria. Really? What of waivers from the World Health Organization to reduce infant, child, and maternal mortality; and waivers from the United Nations to enthrone justice, equity, and fair play in Governance? How about waivers from the ICC to continue the extrajudicial killing of Igbos and other peaceful agitators demanding the rule of law and justice?

What a cOUNTRY? What arrant nonsense? A country that cannot produce Aspirin and imports toothpicks is seeking a waiver to produce mRNA and vector-based DNA Covid-19 vaccines? May be better to be infected with SARS- CoV-2 virus than infected with Nigerian, waiver-based Covid-19 vaccines. Nigeria, providing waiverless necessities such as food, water, electricity, education, transportation, communication, security, employment, and health care, more important than waiver-based vaccines. Once Nigeria provides waiverless services to its citizens, the WTO shall waive the intellectual property rights so Nigeria can produce waiver-based Covid-19 vaccines.

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