How do we market our missiles, drones, and smart bombs?
Let’s instigate a war between Karatenistan and Judomania.
Real life demonstration of accuracy and lethality shall boost arm sales.

What about our surplus grains, and surplus dairy products, rotting on the hands of our farmers? Once the war is underway, we take the surplus off the hands of our farmers and inject cash into our economies.

Always-on news media outlets participate by boosting ad revenues, spewing out jaundiced reports from the battle fields while smiling to the bank as they shed crocodile tears on camera.

Politicians love wars, wars are used for irridentist ambitions and to terrorize minorities into perpetual servitude and slavery. Wars are used to conserve conservative values such as racism and hatism.

Aid Agencies love wars, wars are used to beg for donations, donations used to pay the bloated salaries of agency executives and excess executive income are spent on sexual gratification.

How come no world powers powerfully condemn war preparations, but arrange peace conferences while clandestinely arming combatants and  boosting their own economies?
The answer is greed.

World economy boomed after World Wars I and II, and World War III shall also boost the world economy with armaments powered by green technologies such as hydrogen powered fighter aircrafts and electric submarines.

As long as wars boost world economies and simultaneously stem population growth, wars are a necessary part of the World Economy.

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