ADIEU KENNETH KAUNDA – KK – 1924 – 2021.

ADIEU KENNETH KAUNDA – KK – 1924 – 2021.

Kenneth Kaunda of the Zambia.
Kenneth Kaunda of the Zambia.
Yes, KK oft repeated sentences.
KK was a core Humanist and freedom fighter.
KK, the true Democrat, who
Relinquished power by waving
His trademark white handkerchief and handing
Over to corrupt Frederick Chiluba.

KK fought injustice in Zambia.
KK fought injustice in South Africa.
KK fought injustice in Zimbabwe.
KK fought injustice in Mozambique.
KK fought injustice in Angola.
KK  fought injustice in Namibia.
KK fought injustice in Nigeria by
Championing the Biafran struggle.
In fact, KK fought injustice everywhere.

KK championed the cause of HIV/AIDS victims,
When discrimination against HIV/AIDS was fashionable.
KK always sided with oppressed Humans,
KK never sided with politics or ideology.
KK lived a simple life shunning ostentation.

KK was truly a Giant;
Giant stature,
Giant heart,
Giant compassion,
Giant accomplishments,
Despite inheriting from the British,
An economy dominated  by copper,
And subject to Western financial
Shenanigans because of KK’s humanism and anti- colonialism.

Adieu Gentle Giant, enjoy your deserved rest.

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