No shots fired, no bombs detonated.
No conversions to capitalist communism.
No trade wars, embargoes, or tariffs.
China has conquered the world,
Conquered the world with Covid-19.

Covid-19 unleashed in Wuhan, China,
Inadvertently or advertently by
Peculiar Chinese love for wild creatures.
Creatures known to harbor coronaviruses,
Coronaviruses hitherto foreign to humans.

Coronavirus unleashed on the world by
China muzzling the public and press.
Sans muzzling Covid-19 epidemic would
Have been contained in China and the
World economy spared a pandemic recession.

Covid-19 and pandemic recession in China
Contained by draconian communist health measures and strict
Mass quarantines of millions of Chinese citizens.
Struct quarantines and health measures anathema to
Democracy, democratic countries, and democratic institutions.

As China grows and prospers, the rest of the
World stagnates or slides into recession and
Some countries slide into depression.
China has proven that world dominance can be
Accomplished without wars, words, or wrangling.

You only need a smart and willing virus such as SAR-CoV-2.
SAR-CoV-2 has proven to the world that
World domination is possible by “biological warfare.”
If China can do it, any country can do it
Does China owe reparations to the world?

Yes, to prevent further instances of withholding vital
Health information under cloak of authoritarianism.
Information on SAR-CoV-2 if released early would have
Spared the world economy of a global pandemic and
The attendant human and economic carnage.

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