Australian Prime Minister stranded in Tamil Nadu State, India, ordered by Deputy Australian Prime Minister not to return to Australia. Reason: India ravaged by coronavirus.

Australian PM now competing with Narendra Modi for next PM of India, assuming both survive the mega Covid-19 pandemic ravaging India! Narendra Modi is pissed.

Australian cricketers playing in Indian Super League ordered to switch allegiance to India and sign for the Mumbai Mud Rakers. Australian cricketers bemoan loss of income.

Australian cricketers balk at idea of forsaking meat and eating curried kidney beans instead of sautéed kangaroo balls. Striking India farmers overjoyed as vegan numbers explodes.

Australian citizens visiting any country with a single case of coronavirus ordered to renounce their Australian citizenship and become citizens of wherever they are. “Orphans” created in Australia.

Australians residing in any low cost – minority occupied – apartments in Australia with a single case of Covid-19 are quarantined for two months or until every resident dies of hunger. Echoes of Aboriginocide.

Australia has become coronavirus free through a zero tolerance policy directed at Covid-19. Is the WHO – World Health Organization – listening?

If Australia can do it, any other country can do it.
Way to go Australia!

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