Weapons used by Terrorists same as
Weapons used by those fighting Terrorism.

Same countries supplying tanks to Terrorists are
Same countries establishing Think Tanks.

Think Tanks supposed to fight Terrorism but are
Really providing sinecures for retired Political Talking Heads.

Meanwhile, Aid Agencies enjoy the debacle as
Revenues burgeon and sexual carousing attracts more workers.

The Terrorized welcome Aid Workers unaware that
Aid Workers have interests in a perpetual conflict.

The UN convenes and reconvenes asking for
Humanitarian assistance from the Weapon Suppliers.

Weapon Suppliers who are also veto-wielding members of
The Security Council veto any attempts to resolve the war.

Because wars are necessary to test new
Weapons and weapon delivery systems on the less developed.

Revenues from weapon sales and humanitarian Aid
Flow to the members of the Security Council.

They condemn Terrorism publicly while benefitting surreptitiously.
This is the Terrorism Turntable and it keeps turning.

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