Governor illegally installed by a
Supreme Sharia Court despite
Scoring last in a Gubernatorial Election,
Elects to embark on an anti-corruption
Crusade while overlooking his own
Corruption which stinks to the high heavens.

Claiming to fight Corruption and
diversion of Public Assets without
Vacating your illegally occupied office
Is a heinous crime since no crime
Is more heinous and execrable than
Theft of the Office of Governor of a State.

No Corruption worse than illegally
Sacking a duly elected Governor
Of a State using Sharia Law especially
When this Southern State does not
Subscribe to Sharia as practiced in the
Sharia States of Northern Nigeria.

Illegally removing a duly elected
Governor of a State after seven months and
Thirteen days is Irredeemable Corruption.
This is the mother of all Corruptions.
Corruption that must be righted before
Mounting any anti-corruption campaign.

Pretend Governor, this phantom fight
Against Corruption is to divert attention
From your illegal enthronement.
A classic example of using Smokescreens
To obfuscate and confuse the GULLIBLE,
While diverting attention from your Corruption.

Using toadies, running dogs, and
Compromised thugs to fill the public
Spaces and airwaves with Smokescreens,
Is ephemeral as the attention shall
Soon refocus rightly on your illegal
Occupation of the Governor’s seat.

Corruption cannot fight Corruption.
Smokescreens cannot cover Corruption.
Corruption must step aside and enthrone
The legitimately elected Governor,
Who has the Peoples’ mandate to govern, including
Fighting corruption and recovering Public Assets.

More revealing is that this illegal Governor,
Is using the dossier compiled by the
Legitimately elected predecessor to
Recover looted public assets diverted to private use.
An illegitimate Governor cannot fight
Corruption unless the entire State is Corrupt!

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