Men are suffering
Single men are hurting
Married men are hapless
Gay men are furious.

Me Too Movement
Has gone overboard
Prior to Me Too Movement
Men used to toast women.

Male employee compliments
A female colleague, and
Future lifetime partner, and
Get fired for sexual harassment.

Male single boss compliments
Single female employee whose
Flashy couture enlivens the office and
Get sued for sexual harassment.

A gay man compliments a
Female colleague’s insurable legs and
Gets a complaint of sexual harassment
Forcing him to out before his outing date.

A happily married man compliments a
Not too attractive lady to lift her spirits and
Is charged with adulterous sexual harassment.
Men Too Movement to the rescue.

Men Too Movement has shifted
The courting responsibilities to females
Females, if you desire any man
Go for him as Men love sexual harassment
Especially sexual harassment by beautiful single women.

Men are especially irked when
Compliments bestowed upon
Depressed females to lift their spirits are
Deemed sexual harassment when the
Female recipient becomes aware of your lottery win!

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