Masked FBI operatives kidnap Black Lives Matter protesters off the Streets of Portland, Oregon, USA; “all is quiet on the Western Front.”

Britain, Germany, France, Russia, China, play opossum, no sanctions placed on the US for Black enslavement, systemic racism, and systemic hatism.

Masked FSB operatives kidnap “Alexei Life Matter” protesters off the streets of Krasnodar Russia; all hell is let loose on the Western Front.

EU sends envoy; Britain, Germany, France, and USA threaten crippling economic sanctions on Russia, a gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2, from Russia to Germany is threatened.

One White – Alexei Navalny – is more important than over 1 billion humans labeled Blacks by Whites for purposes of dehumanization and exploitation.

One White life matters more than over 1 billion Black lives. Now you understand why world peace continues to be elusive.

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