Suffering from chronic dysania, he was always last to arise in the morning, but not today.
She woke up as early as usual, felt right, felt left, but no Val.
As she was about to panic, a human figure appeared on the wall, framed by the morning sunlight, streaming in from the window.

The shadow on the wall got smaller and smaller as Val approached the king-size bed, tray in one hand and a bouquet of roses on the other.

On the tray were toasted love; creamy kisses, healthy hugs, peaceful patience, and sexual healing.

Remember, the simplest gifts make the greatest Valentine presents.
Money can buy a red Ferrari, but money cannot buy love.
A Ferrari can get old but true love gets younger and stronger with time.

“Here you are, Vero, breakfast in bed, you deserve it for the love you have shown me, My Valentine.”

“Enjoy my love, may I enjoy love with you?”
“Of course, My Valentine and after breakfast, let’s enjoy ourselves.”

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