Arise, O Nigerians,
How gullible can you be?
They claimed the old anthem was foreign,
They replaced tribe and tongue,
With state of origin and federal character,
But who is fooling who?
Hausa-Fulanis are found in all 19 states.
Please bring back tribe and tongue,
To ensure that truth and justice reigns.

Nigeria cannot be bound,
In freedom, peace and unity,
Where other tribes are oppressed,
By the Islamic Hausa-Fulanis.
Where Christians are slaughtered,
By Fulani herdsmen.
Where Farmers are killed,
By Fulani herdsmen.
Where Islamic Boko Haram maims, rapes, and beheads.

Our banner has been stained,
With the blood of so many innocents.
Please remove Sharia from the Constitution.
Withdraw from the OIC.
Disengage from the D-8.
Religion should be separated from state.
No to Sharia states.
No to turning Nigeria into a big ranch,
For foreign Fulani cows.

If these are not done,
The labor of our heroes past will be in vain.
And no one will want to serve,
A dishonest nation ruled by bigots,
With heart, might, or enthusiasm.
With restructuring, truth and justice,
May once again reign in our Motherland.
And Nigeria may achieve lofty heights.

By the bush, why should the state sponsor religious pilgrimages?

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