Trump’s attempted coup with an Army of White Supremacists; KKK battalions, and a Brigade of Proud Boys on January 6, 2021, by assaulting and capturing the US Capitol, warmly welcomed by coup-prone Militaries all over the world especially in Africa and Asia.

A civilian coup that petered because Trumpists were lightly armed, disorganized, and without their General – Führer Trump. The Führer gave orders to assault the Capitol and capture Congress but failed to lead his troops into combat, a grave mistake.

Trump’s Army would have been motivated and extremely violent if Führer had kept his promise to lead his troops into battle. Instead of a Biden-Harris inauguration, the UN Security Council would be issuing statements condemning Führer, Trump, and America.

The Republican Party must do an about face and join the Democrats in trying, convicting, and permanently barring Donald J. Trump from ever running for public office. America regains her moral standing and Trump can run from Hades which is suited to Trumpian Politics.

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