Republican Primary Elections decided by Confusionist-in-Chief.
Cross or oppose the Confusionist-in-Chief, get
Clobbered by a QAnoner, Klans Person or White Supremacist at
The Republican Party Primary Election Contests.
The Republican Party has become a Cult of Personality,
Led by Chairman, Führer, Tyrant, General Secretary, Grand Wizard, King Trump.

Current Grand Wizard, Donald J. Trump, an immigrant from Bavaria, Germany,
Has transformed the Republican Party into a Nazi Party.
The Nazi Party of America complete with Swastikas,
Nooses, Trump flags, and Confederate flags;
And Storm Troopers ready to rout the opposition on command.

Republican Politicians have become Storm Troopers for
Trump and his Racist, Hatist, Misogynistic, and Misanthropic politics, to
Retain their seats at the Federal, State, and Local levels.
Loyalty to a puerile and narcissistic Dictator more
Puissant to Republicans than loyalty to the Constitution and Principles.

The Constitution of the United States of America has
Become the Constitution of a Banana Republic that can
Be flouted by the Confusionist-in-Chief without consequences.
Luckily, there are some Republicans with Spine and Principles,
The same Spine and Principles of Lincoln that defeated the Confederates.

Confederates whose flags, were hoisted in the US Capitol when
Trump Storm Troopers invaded the US Capitol and sacked
Congress in a bid to overturn the results of the fairest election
In the history of American Presidential Elections, but Trumpian
Republican members of Congress continue to support their Führer.

A Führer who continues to spin lies faster than any spider,
A Confusionist-in-Chief whose lies have further divided and polarized America.
America whose once clothed butt of Politics – Racism and Hatism – has
Been exposed to the world, drawing public opprobrium from
Allies, adversaries, friends, and Dictators of Banana Republics.

What a desecration of American Democracy and Decency!
A desecration condemned by “democratic” nations such as
Iran, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.
While Banana Republics are condemning the USA for political violence,
The Republican Party of Trump continues to doubt the results of the 2020 Presidential Election!

Luckily, there are Republicans of the Lincoln Project,
Who are fighting White Supremacists, Insurrectionists, and White Evangelists as
President Abraham Lincoln fought the Slave Owners,
Racists, Hatists, and White Executioners,
Who would rather lynch a Black than pay fair wages to a Black.

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