Mitch McConnell blocked all legislation not
Endorsed by the Dictator-in-Chief, Trump.
Mitch McConnell sat on all legislation passed by
Democrat-controlled US Congress,
A continuation of his racist and hatist
Anti-Obama legislative and anti-American agenda.

Mitch McConnell confirmed anything, sorry anybody,
Presented to the US Senate by Trump for approval.
Carpenters were confirmed as Judges,
Seamstresses were confirmed as Cabinet Secretaries, and
Dog Catchers confirmed as Department heads.
Luckily, no dogs were presented for confirmation!

Mitch McConnell bundled a frivolous request to
Probe the most transparent election in US history to a
Much needed coronavirus relief bill, to scuttle the bill.
Same McConnell who “condemned” White Supremacists
After they stormed and desecrated Congress
Had inserted their request into a coronavirus relief bill.

Condemning White Supremacists whose causes
You championed in Congress as Senate MajorityLeader
Is farcical and less than hypocritical.
Mitch McConnell, are you going to resign as your
Hypocritical Transportation Secretary wife, Ellen Chao who resigned twelve hours to
The end of the Trump Maladministration of the incompetent?

The Ivy Poisonous League of Hawley, Sasse, and Cruz,
Who provided cover for the Trump-McConnell duo
Proves that an Ivy League Education is not a
Substitute for character, integrity, and bigotry.
They are as guilty as Trump and McConnell and should resign from Congress as Ellen Chao did.
Without Mitch McConnell there would have been no storming of Congress.

Finally, Mitch McConnell should be banned from public office.

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