Sycophantic Agents Representing Self.
Agents worse than the
Special Anti-Robbery Squad.
Agents who glorify impunity by real SARS and Buhari.

Agents elected or selected by
Their constituents to represent, and
Protect their interests in the various State Capitals, and
The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Agents who shirked their responsibilities, while
Buhari develops Niger Republic and
Nigeria becomes the poverty capital of
The Milky Way and may be the Universe.

As Buhari builds rail lines, subways, and refineries, in Niger Republic,
SARS are padding budgets and constituency allocations.
Constituency allocations are the legislative
Equivalent of the fraudulent Executive Security Votes.

Don’t blame only SARS, what of elder statesmen and
Polithiefians such as Obasanjo, Jonathan, and others?
What of writers such as Soyinka and others?
In a Thievocracy, Polithiefians are elected by everyone, but
Represent themselves and not the electorate,

Meanwhile, those aspiring Polithiefians outside government,
Are busy praying, fasting, sowing, and tithing to
Get inside government, to out-steal current Polithiefians or


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