Dreaded examination of the human sewage system.
Dredging of human sewage pipeline or colon,
Precedes the colonoscopy procedure.
Dredging is accomplished by drugs or laxatives.
A clean sewage pipeline ensures an
Accurate examination of the pipeline.
Colonoscopy detects colon cancer and polyps as
Polyps are early harbingers of colon cancer.

Earlier drugs or laxatives, so noxious as
Colon cancer, that many deferred colonoscopy.
Newer drugs or laxatives, so sweet that
Diabetics may balk despite assurances that
The effect on blood sugar is minimal.
Preparation means defecating so much that
Feces become indistinguishable from urine.
Urinating anally is also known as bowel cleansing.

After a jab that puts you up in Limbo Land,
The sewage doctor – gastroenterologist – threads
A lighted tube with a camera up your anus and
Explores your colon, snipping polyps, and
Excavating suspicious areas for analysis.
Early colon cancer is curable and
Late colon cancer is very lethal.
Don’t defer your colonoscopy.

Do you defer unplugging your house sewage?
Defer and have your house consumed and
Destroyed by backed-up sewage.
Same with undiagnosed colon cancer as
Undetected and untreated colon cancer
Eventually destroys your body – house –
That houses your sewage system – colon.
Call your sewage doctor – gastroenterologist – today!

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