“President Barack Obama.
He is not American.
He is Kenyan.
He is an Islamist.
Worst US President ever with
Worst US Vice President ever,
‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden, always
Wearing big ugly face masks.
Face masks are for wimps.”

“Lying and philandering Donald,
Sleepy Joe is going to kick
Your big fat ugly butt and really
‘Make America Great Again,’
By replacing you as US President,”

“No way, Kenyan Barack Obama.
What an audacity!
If Sleepy Joe beats me,
I shall leave the country.”

“Better call the moving truck
And start packing your Crap,
Lying, vulgar, puerile, and tweety fake
US President Donald J. Trump.
Russia, North Korea, or Nigeria
Waiting to receive your sorry ass.
If not term limited, I would have
Beaten the crap out of you more than
‘Sleepy’ Joe, beat the hell out of you.”


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