Thousands massacred at Tiananmen Square,
Western Powers outraged and
Imposes sanction on Tan Kili Deng.
Tan Kili Deng, father of Chu Deng Dang,
Chu Deng Dang, a private,
who participated in killings.

Millions of Uighurs incarcerated in concentration camps.
Goofy Mike Pompeo threatens to expel
Chinese students and closes Houston’s Chinese Consulate.
China retaliates by closing Chengdu’s US Consulate.

US loses listening post closest to Xinjiang Province,
Where Uighurs are being incarcerated.
No response better than this asinine response by US,
That further endangers the Uighurs of China.

Democracy champions, arrested in Hong Kong,
Democratic Legislators, expelled in Hong Kong,
In violation of 1997 British-Hong Kong Accord.
Britain bans importation of Chinese poodles.

The US goes further by expelling and imposing
Sanctions on two clerks at the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC.
China retaliates by banning import of American pork.
American farmers are irate and Trump reverses sanctions.

China is the big gorilla in the world economy.
Just as Trump can get away with broad daylight murder
On 15th Avenue in New York City in busy traffic,
China can get away with human rights abuses in
Xinjiang Province, Hong Kong, and in the South China Sea.

Western Democracies, if there is anything as democracy,
Value economic relationships more than human lives,
Especially non-White humans living under oppression.
China shall always have its way with Western Nations.

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