Sound eerily similar?
Yes, yes, and yes.
Con men used to conning individuals,
Companies, and entities, now
Conning countries by masquerading as
Patriots, Populists, Religionists and
Rightists – really Wrongists.
Wrong on refugees;
Wrong on global warming,
Wrong on humanity, and
Wrong on Religion.

Con men come in all flavors;
Born again Christians,
Dead again Christians,
Converted Christians,
Unorthodox Jews,
Unorthodox Islamists,
Unorthodox Hindus,
Unorthodox Buddhists,
Communists, Socialists,
Military turned Democrats,
Capitalists, and Messianic Businessmen.

Businessmen with questionable
Backgrounds and sources of wealth.
Businessmen who honed their
Conning skills in business;
Building Ponzi schemes,
Swashbuckling, and swindling
Customers, companies, and now
Countries of all sizes, Religion, and
Political persuasions the world over.
These con politicians are irreparably
Damaging nature and humanity.

If not quickly checked,
These Populist Political Charlatans
Shall invariably throw the
World into a downward spiral.
A spiral that cannot be
Humanly or Divinely righted.
These Misanthropes may turn
Out to be divinely dispatched to
Destroy Earth as we know it,
Fulfilling the wishes of their followers,
And vindicating their Holy Books!

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