It took White Americans 400 years,
To go from 100 percent bigoted Racists and Hatists,
To 60 percent bigoted Racists and Hatists.
Sixty percent of White Americans voted for Trump
In 2020, four hundred years after Blacks
Were kidnapped and enslaved by White Americans.

Thanks Donald J. Trump for showing the world
The state of Racial equality and harmony in America.
Trump’s championing of White Supremacy, exposed
White Supremacists hooded by Religion, KKK, Evangelism,
Abortion, Fiscal Pretenses, Republicanism, and Conservatism.
Hoods were readily discarded at the ballot boxes.

The only way to measure the progress of Racial Equity
In America is having a White “Trump” on the
Presidential ballot every 100 years.
Non-White Americans, have patience.
In 600 years America shall be devoid of Racism and Hatism,
As espoused by White America under different guises.

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