Second most populous country in the world,
Enforces a horrible caste system.
System as bad as Slavery and
Enforced by State and Religion.

Huge population united by Religion.
Once, was one of the richest countries in the world,
Was badly raped by the British.
Raped of her people, textiles, and spices.

Now, country is raping herself using religion.
More “low” caste citizens of this country are
Raped in one day than the number of
Rapes in the rest of the world.

Athletically un-endowed, despite huge population.
Has made great strides in technology,
Standard of living, and space.
However, leads the world in religious rape.

Claims to be the world’s largest democracy but
Country is really a Theocracy.
Theocracy is not democracy.
Name that country.

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