Water, synonymous with life
Without water, there is no life.
Water can also extinguish life as
In the Bible, where Noah saved the world,
By living on a boat with literally the world.

Nigeria, a nation without potable water,
Has solved its water problem by flooding.
Unlike Noah, citizens, not warned or provided with boats.
Thanks, Nigerian Government and no thanks.

Nigerians forced to live, sleep, and cook in water.
Nigerians may be ingenious but flood water
May be temperamental, carry disease,
Provide food – fish – but may also wash away your dwelling.

Nigeria, your citizens asked for potable water,
Nigeria provided flood water.
Nigeria, your citizens asked for electricity,
Nigeria provided lightning, thunder, and flooding.

Nigerians, deadly afraid to ask Nigeria for anything,
As Nigeria’s solutions are worse than the problem.
Nigeria has become a sink hole where problems are
Solved by flooding – with lies, water, and more problems.

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