DMAGA (Don’t Make Avarice Great Again).

(Don’t Make Avarice Great Again).

Is it Make America Great Again, or
Make Avarice Great Again?
The only beneficiaries of MAGA,
Are the one percent who owns
The ninety nine percent of the wealth.
They are getting richer under MAGA,
While the ninety nine percent, are
Getting poorer and poorer.

Forget your fake tax return,
You will regurgitate it all,
And become more indebted,
To the one percent.
Your future and that of your
Children are being mortgaged,
Under MAGA which really means,
Make Avarice Great Again.
Is that what you voted for?

Redeem and reclaim your future,
By voting Democratic, this election cycle,
America was founded on democratic principles.
Not on avaricious autocratic rule disguised,
As Make America Great Again,
For the few, and Make America “Gross” Again,
For the Workers and Long-Suffering Masses.
Your vote is your anti-poverty weapon.
Use it wisely and effectively.

Health care for the well-heeled is avaricious,
Health care for all is making America great.
Alas, the Republican MAGA excludes health care.
A nation without Universal Health Care,
Is not great but avaricious.
Health Care is a right in every civilized
Country, except the USA where it is traded
As a commodity on the Stock Exchange.
Don’t Make America Avaricious Again!

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