1933 – 2020

Diminutive in stature with a gigantic intellect,
Rose from humble beginnings to legal stardom,
Knocking down totem poles of gender inequality,
Pay inequality, racial inequality, and all types of inequalities.
RBG was respected by judges and feared by legal opponents.
Her dissenting opinions became legal classics.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka RBG was respected by all Americans,
As inequalities and injustice have no party affiliation.
Her calm and persuasive legal arguments were
Trailblazing and the results changed millions of lives.
Lives that adored, eulogized, and canonized her as
The Grand Dame of the legal profession.

Her impact on the law was as evolutionary as the
Impact of innovating a new genre of music,
Hence the Notorious RBG moniker in the fashion of
Notorious BIG, the innovative slain rap musical icon.
Notorious BIG rapping RBG’s legal arguments is a
Guaranteed Grammy-winning platinum album.

Next, cancers were recruited to silence RBG.
Well, cancer, you met more than your match.
First, colon cancer was clobbered.
Next, pancreatic cancer was pulverized.
And finally, liver cancer was thoroughly disgraced as
RBG participated in Supreme Court deliberations on her
Hospital bed with drips in both arms and both legs.

However, RBG could not ward off Trump cancer.
This incurable cancer afflicting one third of
Americans, has eroded the entire fabric of
American society, turning hitherto sane
Americans into gullible and conspiratorial humans.
Cure is voting out Trump on November 3, 2020.
Voting out Trump might resurrect RBG – she is that tough.

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