Prisoners housed in small cages,
Cages less commodious than
Holding cages for animals, destined for
Abattoirs or slaughterhouses,
American prisons are indeed slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouses, housing over two million inmates
Mostly Black, poor, depressed, and sick.
Sick physically, sick mentally, and depressed economically.
With five thousand annual prison deaths, mostly Black,
American prisons prove Black lives do not matter.

Do not matter, if killed by police, imprisonment, or by
Systemic racism and systemic hatism.
Prisons meant to reform are now abattoirs, to
Continue the carnage of Blacks in America.
The cycle of Slavery in America keeps churning.

Harsh prison accommodations augmented by
Hazardous environment, unhealthy food, and
Harsh punishment capped by solitary confinement,
Resulting in hardening instead of reform of prisoners.

Adding to the irony, American warders are
Carnage Officers, instead of Correction Officers, enforcing
Harsh living conditions, and harsh punishment,
Sustained by massive public expenditures.

Expenditures ought to have been spent to
Prevent incarceration, by improving education,
Housing, health, and job opportunities for Blacks,
But used to create “Correction” jobs, not “Prevention” jobs.

Creating real jobs for marginalized Blacks, less
Expensive than creating correction businesses for
White owners of private prisons, and
Mainly white Correction Officers, who act
More or less like White Slave Massas!

If this is not modern Slavery, what is?

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