Africans love dictators and dictatorship.
From Al-Sisi in the North, to
Mnangagwa in the South, and
Buhari and Kagame in the middle,
Africa is the continent of dictators.

Trump loves dictators from Putin in the North, to
Bolsonaro in the South, and
Kim Jong-un and Duterte in the middle,
All united by disdain for international norms, and
Utter disregard for human decency.

Trump and Africans, share love of
Totalitarianism, and rule by Executive Orders or Decrees.
African dictators order their citizens around, as
Trump would like to order Americans around.

Trump is the American version of Field Marshall Idi Amin.
Both are narcissists.
Both expelled Aliens.
Both are misanthropic.
Both drew international opprobrium.

As Africans love their dictators who
Abuse, denigrate, and kill them, so do
Africans love Trump, who labels Africa shithole, and
Has blocked emigration from Africa to America.

Black Africans really love White Slave Massas.

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