Kidnap their forebears
From Africa in chains.
Make them work the fields
As chattel slaves in chain gangs.

Physically unchain descendants
Following a bloody slave war or
Civil War for political correctness.
Confiscate their promised 40 acres and one mule.

Redline them into urban ghettos,
Chain them with educational slavery,
Deprive them with economic slavery, and
Muffle them with media slavery.

Supply them with drug slavery,
Savage them with police slavery,
Disenfranchise them with political slavery, and
Impoverish them with employment slavery.

All resulting in criminal slavery.
Denied representation by legal slavery,
Convicted by jury slavery, and
Harshly sentenced by judicial slavery.

Enriched are the White owners of slave prisons.
Funds that could have ended slavery forever,
Used to maintain modern chattel slavery,
Under the guise of law and order.

How savage and evil can human beings,
Masquerading as Christians, be to fellow Christians?
Eliminate slavery and Black on Black crime disappears,
Enthroning Law, Order, and Human Decency.

Law and order sprouts from equal opportunities,
A literate, educated and employed population, and
Not by arming policemen and vigilantes to
Kill Slaves, Colored, and Minorities.

The cycle of slavery continues from
One generation of Blacks, Colored, and Minorities to
The next generation of Blacks, Colored, and Minorities as
The White Slave Massas laugh to the bank.

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