NPAC is a tree root, not grass root political action committee, formed to advance and protect the affairs of Ndiolumbe Indigenes in the Diaspora.

With a beachhead in the United States and planned affiliates worldwide, we only support extant Governments. Our guiding principles are SAGIP – Support Any Government In Power – and OTPW – Obey The Political Wind.

In the USA, we support Trump; in Russia, we are behind Putin; in Nigeria, Buhari or his doppelganger is our man; in Belarus, it is Lukashenko; and so on. You get the picture.

Contributions are not tax deductible, but you shall be making so much money from our lobbying activities, that your donations are miniscule, compared to the financial windfall.

Contributors, especially heavy and repetitive donors, are guaranteed access at every level of Government.
One of our donors just won a $100 billion contract to bridge the Atlantic Ocean from Miami to the Dominican Republic.
This is the reward for the miniscule island supporting the US at the UN over UN sanctions against Iran.

For an extra contribution you can become an Ndiolumbe Indigene and enjoy the full protections of NPAC.
Indigenization starts from:
$1,000 – Low Ndiolumbe Citizen.
$5000 – Middle Ndiolumbe Indigene.
$10,000 – High Ndiolumbe Indigene.
$15,000 – Low Ndiolumbe Chief.
$20,000 – Middle Ndiolumbe Chief.
$25,000 – High Ndiolumbe Chief.
$50,000 – Imperial Ndiolumbe High Chief.
$100,000 – Autonomous King of Ndiolumbe.

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