The ringmaster blows his tremendous trumpet,
Emitting cacophonous and confusing sounds.
The animals with ears raised are confused.
Pentecost adjusts the mike for audibility and
Puts a call to Jesus Christ to guide the circus.

Pumped up porcupine is at the ready
To launch his dangerous spines at enemies,
Adversaries, world institutions, and innocent bystanders.
Manikin collects all the entrance fees and
Hands the money to the richest patrons.

Special spines marked in Esperanto are
Aimed at shit hole countries in Africa,
Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, and South America.
Brain cases the audience and draws a red line to
Separate the rich from the poor, and the races.

Cuckoos separate newborn animals from
Parents and enclose the newborns in cages.
All newborns are fed cow’s milk,
As newborns die of neglect and malnutrition,
Others are sent to foreign circuses.

Barnstormer corals the animals behind
The red lines into stockades so oil drillers
Can drill on the circus grounds before
Trumpeter, the ringmaster can leave
Town with his itinerant circus of clowns.

Bets are voiced by baboons alleging that
Orangutans shall not last as students despite
Getting money meant for chimpanzee students.
The whole circus is divided and the ringmaster
Sounds his trumpet warning dissenters.

Dissenters risk being tweeted out of existence.
Chow places transportation liens on Chinese vessels
That brought the circus to America and suddenly
A deadly pandemic breaks out in the circus and
Animals are dying in droves due to poor care.

Zagging without plans, hippopotamus worsens the
Pandemic putting the whole circus in peril.
Circus employees confused by the chaos, blame
The food deliverers, mail deliverers, and other animals
But not the orangutans who assist the ringmaster.

Barred by bills, injustice reigns in the circus and
And an upheaval looms in the horizon, as
Another American circus is organizing to replace
The current inept American political circus that has
Become the laughing stock of the world.

In the midst of the commotion, a more competent
Circus with Bid as the ringmaster routs Trumpet and
His circus sweeping them into oblivion.
The American Circus starts regaining her greatness
As institutions and regulations are reinstated.

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