Wealthy Black man convinces White people of poverty-stricken
Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta of USA
With promise of immense monetary reparation
To be temporarily enslaved by a Black Massa.
What a teachable spectacle!

Volunteers are branded with hot irons with names such as
Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and Ellen Chao.
Whites chained neck to neck and ankle to ankle in chain gangs
Marched off to a potato farm in Idaho as chattel slaves.

Whole spectacle beamed on TV and Internet as reality show
After all, a reality show host just became US President.
Why not more reality shows?
Whippings, lynchings, withholding pay, sexual assault and harassment
Of White slaves by Black Massa become extant law in Idaho.
Survivors rewarded with one million dollars in cash at end of show.

Any White volunteers, given huge reparation?
Bible glorifies Slavery but no Black enslavement written in Bible.
White enslavement conforms to biblical slavery.
Sure, there shall be White volunteers from Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta.
Death by slavery no worse than death by
Fentanyl, coronavirus, methamphetamine, cocaine, poverty, and opioids.

Sure, there shall be White takers or is White pride not
Susceptible to financial inducements or graft?
Bet ya, there shall be White takers given huge financial windfall.
Spectacle of re-enacting slavery with White slaves
Sure, to drive home the abomination of Black slavery to the
Christian Bible-toting descendants of White Massas, who have been
Benefitting from slavery for 401 years and getting richer than
Their ancestral bible-toting and slave-owning White Massas.

Spectacle of White Slavery finally ends Black slavery in America,
Reigniting the reparations due descendants of enslaved Blacks,
Since racist and hatist President Andrew Jackson took away the
Promised one mule and forty acres and made them White property.
Are there Black billionaires out there?
Hope one is paying attention and pulling out a check book.
A small check by one Black person sure to liberate millions of enslaved Blacks.


  1. This is a deeply reflective piece and a clarion call. Africastallestman has incisive wit displayed in the posts and embedded in the phrasing of the writing.
    Maybe such deep thought should start forming the crux of the new critical thinking academic agenda.

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