Europeans – 100
Arabs – 95
Asians – 90
Latins – 75
Africans – 60
Aboriginal Americans – 50
Aboriginal Australasians – 50
Deities – 45

The higher the number, the more savage is the race.

Source: The Encyclopedia of World Savagery, Savage Press, 1800 AD, 1 Slavery Road, London, SW1.

New York Office: 1 Lynching Road, Soho, New York, NY 00010, USA.

Chinese Office: 1 Intolerance Road, Chain Gang Hu, Xinjiang, China.

Indian Office: 1 Caste Road, Old Delhi, India.

Middle East Office: 1 Beheading Road, Arabian Peninsula.

South American Office: 1 Eliminación Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

African Office: I Corruption Road, Abuja, Nigeria.

Australasia: 1 Genocide Road, Perth, Australia.

Firmament Office: 1 Borderless Road, White Hole, Galaxy.

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