Do not vilify Derek Chauvin.
Derek Chauvin is “God-sent.”
Derek Chauvin acted on
Instructions from White Society,
To dehumanize and execute
Blacks and colored males.

God used Derek Chauvin
To bring White racism and hatism,
To local and International attention.
Derek Chauvin is the “Judas” of
The modern era and George Floyd,
Is the “Jesus” of the Black race.

After all, the real Jesus is
Claimed to be Black and African.
Blacks, stop waiting for the
Second coming of Jesus Christ.
He may already have arrived.
Judge, show leniency to Judas!

2 thoughts on “DEREK CHAUVIN IS A HERO

  1. Fucking scumbag. I hope someone like Derek chauvin finds you next. And all your worthless, racist, in-bred, cousin dating, pathetic family and demon offspring. GET KILLED. You and everyone like you are the problem in this world

    1. Kimberly, the post is satirical. Africastallestman is not a fucking scumbag whatever that means nor is Africastallestman all the other superlatives you used. Africastallestman condemns the racist, hatist, and inhuman treatment meted out to George Floyd and hopes that Derek Chauvin is convicted. Direct your anger elsewhere and please do not kill anyone. You need to appreciate satire.

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