Rename Robert Lee University
Barack Obama College of Justice.
Defund Washington DC Police.
Label KKK a Terrorist Organization.
Extend Black History Month, to
Black History Two Months.

Rename Lafayette Park, to
George Floyd Park,
Fort Rucker renamed
Fort Eric Garner, and
Fort Hood renamed
Fort Sojourner Truth.

Racists and Hatists are
Riled, angered, and motivated to
Vote in unprecedented numbers,
Obliterating the democratic upsurge.
Trump wins narrowly through the
Electoral College System.

Reverses all the name changes,
Threatens to call the Army on Congress.
Dismisses the Supreme Court by
Executive Order, fires his VP and
Makes Jair Bolsonaro his new VP,
Over the objections of Congress.

On what happens next,
Your guess is as good as mine.
America might not survive the upheaval as
The Military breaks into Republican,
Democratic, and Independent factions, making
The US Civil War child’s play.

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