In a Nation of 371 tribes and not counting the
New tribes that shall soon emerge,
With Buhari’s visa on arrival policy,
Igbo is the only Nigerian tribe that
Ravages and publicly denigrates Igbos,
Fighting Igbo causes at the National level.

In a Nation of 371 tribes and counting,
Igbo is the only tribe forming mushroom,
Phantom, and irrelevant organizations, to
Apologize to purveyors of Igbo Maltreatment,
Marginalization, and Murder; and calling on
Igbo warriors to apologize to their tormentors.

No other tribe in the world, White, Red, Green, or Yellow,
Engages in such despicable and deplorable behavior.
Only explanation may be genetic, in which case
There is no remedy, or is there a remedy?
Wonder what happened to Ostracism, as practiced
By not so ancient Igbos of the Nigerian Nation?

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