If healthcare for all is socialist
I am a damn socialist
If taxing the rich fairly is socialist
I am a born socialist
After all, there will be no rich
Without toiling poor “socialists.”

If Black lives matter is socialist
I am a genetic socialist
If not imprisoning children in cages is socialist
I am a humane socialist
Race and children, not meant to be
Used as political pawns by politicians.

If a reform of the justice system is socialist
I am a judicial socialist
If granting women and LGBTQIA their rights is socialist
I am a moral socialist
Justice delayed or denied is morally and spiritually reprehensible.

When avaricious politicians use hate messaging to
Confuse the gullible victims of their policies, to
Align with their political tormentors, that is communism,
Where is the Socialist Party in America, so I can join?
Better still, forward the address of the Communist Party.

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