Superpower means possessing weapons of mass carnage.
Superpowers intimidate Minipowers, and invade
Minipowers at will, to enforce the natural pecking order.
Superpowers, invading Minipowers since the end of World War II.
Show and use of force by Superpowers on Minipowers meant to
Bolster Superpower credentials in a turbulent world.
Without demonstration of power, who knows who is superpower?
As boxers fight to maintain titles, superpowers fight to
Maintain their superpower credentials by intimidating,
Humiliating, annihilating, and annexing Minipowers.

Every act of aggression by one Superpower is
Matched by other Superpower.
Russia invades Hungary in 1956,
US invades Vietnam in 1965,
Superpower Russia, one, Superpower US, one.
Russia invades Czechoslovakia in 1968,
Russia invades Afghanistan in 1979,
US invades Afghanistan in 2001,
US invades Iraq in 2003,
Superpower Russia, two, Superpower US, two.

Russia invades Georgia in 2008,
Russia invades Ukraine in 2014,
Superpower Russia, two, Superpower US, zero.
US contemplating invading Iran, and then
Canada or Mexico to even the score.
As long as there are Superpowers,
There will be no world peace.
China about to become a Superpower, and
Her Asian neighbors are frightened.
Three Superpowers may end mankind!

3 thoughts on “SUPERPOWERS AND WAR

  1. World peace is all a big joke. A few years back, England lunched her latest warship in great fanfare and America now unveiled her Space Force project, with new weapons etc, who is fooling who? German philosopher Emmanuel Kant, once enunciated his idea of perpetual peace. At the same time, he stated that humanity has its perfection in the white race., and therefore, seeing themselves as the epitome of creation, they conjecture themselves as death blockers and indestructible and the chosen of God. As such, they prove to be two elephants, whose fight, the grass suffers all the time. They call it Detente…If you are aware that I could destroy you and you are aware too of my power of devastation… you relent , so both of us as superpowers, grind the less powerful in creation.Such has been the story of mankind from time immemorial. Can we save humanity from these self-imposed presumed God-Nations,weights? The dream of world lasting peace is seriously eluding humanity. Viewed from this spectrum, you are almost shackled to actually feeling sorry for continents like Africa in particular, where, self-sustenance appears to be imperturbably slippery slop into irretrievable, bottomless abyss.

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