Nigeria loves gunmen.
Every killing is ascribed to gunmen.
Guns are easily identifiable but
The gunners are unidentifiable because
There are a plethora of gunmen and
Soon gun women in Nigeria.
There are Army gunmen
Police gunmen
Navy gunmen
Customs gunmen
Secret Service gunmen
Immigration gunmen
Kidnapping gunmen
Robbing gunmen
Air Force gunmen
Civil Defense gunmen
Road Safety gunmen
Private gunmen
Vigilante gunmen
Fulani Herdsmen gunmen
Al Qaeda Haram gunmen
Boko Haram gunmen, and
Polithefian* gunmen.
Any wonder why it is
Impossible to identify murderers of
Unarmed sleeping Nigerians?.
Solution – arm every Nigerian.
With every Nigerian a gunman or gun woman,
There will be no unknown gunmen or gun women!

*Polithefian – One who goes into politics to steal public funds.

One thought on “GUNMEN IN NIGERIA.

  1. A wonderful continuation from Dec. 27, 2018.
    Amazing how people thrive on anonymity. One can only imagine.

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