Being single in your later years is horrible.
Being single at any age is unwholesome.
Children need parents, adults need partners.

For adults🤪
There are those days you do not feel sprightly and wish someone was around to pamper you, feed you in bed, dot on you, and make you a child once more.
This nurturing is life invigorating, life extending, and is life.
Despite all the altercations, frictions, fracas, tensions, and battles, nurturing may be the reason couples outlast singles in this part of our galaxy.
Married bliss may indeed be the forerunner to heavenly bliss.
For the naysayers, remember behind every successful couple are two humans, and
Behind every disastrous and failed union are also two partners.
No “fights” or arguments in a week do not bode well for couples.
“Fighting,,” may mean who controls the TV remote or what food to order.
Little disagreements enhance relationships and are healthy.
A union takes love, compromise, understanding, faith, trust, hope, respect, and shared financial and domestic responsibilities to succeed.
Prolonged silence signifies loss of interest in either partner and may predate eventual schism.

For children🤪
No specie in the animal kingdom, survives childhood without one or both parents.
Children without parents become food for other animals.
Relationships, key to longevity and happiness!

2 thoughts on “BEING SINGLE.

  1. If this is biographical. then, one may regard your assertions on longevity as very good lived experiences, and as such, didactic. Your assertions would be even more readily accepted by those who may be wont to sit on the fence on this proposition, were it that you cited a well controlled research on the age-long contention about marriage, and longevity Big Thanks.

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