Governor Ayade’s Cross River State Nigeria.
Now, under a “crossed” Government,
Run by a “crossed” Governor, who
Creates one ministry for each problem.

Cross River State, a state of only 3.8 million
Inhabitants, excluding cows and dogs, with
Eighteen local government areas
Now, administered by thirty nine Commissioners.

One commissioner for 100,000 inhabitants.
Money wasted on one ministry enough,
To lift 100,000 inhabitants out of poverty.
Poverty is a problem in Cross River State!

However, there is no Ministry of Poverty Alleviation,
No Ministry of Hunger, Ministry of Probity, or
Ministry of Bribery, Corruption, and Looting.
These problems are non-existent in the state, really?

Cross mismanagement with politics, and
Deliver obscurantism to your constituents.
Cross River State will forever be debating the
Merits and demerits of a bloated Executive.

Bloated Executive, a sure guarantee for underdevelopment.
Instead of discussing development for the next four years,
Turf battles between ministries, sure to
Generate more heat than development.

Welcome to the “crossed” State of Obscurantism – Cross River State!

Governor Ayade creates foreign affairs ministry for Cross River

*Obscurantism – the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known:
allegations in the Press about government obscurantism (Oxford Dictionary).


Ministries in Cross River State:

Ministry of Local Government Affairs,
Ministry of Agriculture,
Ministry of Quality Education,
Ministry of Environment,
Ministry of Finance,
Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
Ministry of Special Duties,
Ministry of International Development Cooperation,
Ministry of Power,
Ministry of Youth and Skills Acquisition,
Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology,
Ministry of Water Resources,
Ministry of Gas Development,
Ministry of Solid Mineral,
Ministry of Transportation,
Ministry of Petroleum Resources,
Ministry of Industry,
Ministry of Social Housing,
Ministry of Health,
Ministry of Justice,
Ministry of Lands,
Ministry of Women Affairs,
Ministry of Works,
Ministry of Information and Orientation,
Ministry of Youth and Sport Development,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ministry of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence,
Ministry of Humanity and Social Welfare,
Ministry of Grants and Economic Empowerment,
Ministry of Establishment and Payroll,
Ministry of Special Duties,
Ministry of Aviation,
Ministry of Commerce,
Ministry of Sports and Cinematography.
Ministry of Training and Doctoring,
Ministry of Infrastructure,
Ministry of Rural Transformation,
Ministry of Climate Change,
Ministry of New Cities Development.

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