Unity, joined as a whole,
United in purpose and action.
Individual identity transforms
Into group identity, and
Individual goals become group
Goals and achievements.

Unity lacking, when
Politicians stress unity,
When unity becomes a slogan.
Real unity is organic, subterranean,
Empowering, and a bulwark against
Excesses by those in power.

United nations resist tyranny,
Anarchy and political impunity.
Divided nations nurture tyrants,
Encourage impunity, and end up
Installing lifelong Dictators.
Unity is great but very elusive.

One thought on “UNITY!

  1. I strongly contend that their seem to be no objective or abstract existent myth, dream,or passion, around which people could feel and be emotionally attach in the name of unity. Unity is a special fruit of group/community self acceptance and integral understanding between culturally diverse groups. Do we have that special understanding to help us foster that all -important fabric of society?

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