Military decree metamorphosed into Constitution
No complaints, no civil disobedience, no boycotts
Just hand over to us and leave the scene
Our turn to chop*, fix Constitution later.

No! No!! No!!! Not so fast
Constitution purposely immune from amendment
Courtesy of Alhajis Abubakar and Yadudu
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! It is amendable.

It is an Islamic document with a
Fictitious Islamic majority enshrined
Once adopted, the Islamists are in charge
Just hand over and we will fix it.

Same greed that created Nigeria
A monstrous gossamer spun by
The British and accepted by
Awolowo, Azikiwe, and Bello.

So-called Founding Fathers
So greedy and eager to
Continue chopping where the
British stopped chopping.

Any wonder that Feudalism
Does not mix with Egalitarianism and
Islam does not mix with itself
Much less with other Religions.

Crying about the Military Decree of 1999
Renamed the Nigerian Constitution is
Akin to giving life-saving medicine to
A stone-cold and dead patient.

*Chop – eat in Pidgin, euphemism for stealing public funds.

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