Neocolonialism is discarding autochthonous* names
For allochthonous** names.
Neocolonialism is discarding indigenous Religion
For foreign Religions.
Neocolonialism is discarding indigenous Gods
For foreign Gods.
Neocolonialism is discarding indigenous advisors
For foreign advisers.

Neocolonialism is banking indigenous money
In foreign banks.
Neocolonialism is preferring foreign content
To local content.
Neocolonialism is preferring foreign culture
To local culture.
Neocolonialism is preferring foreign food
To local food.

Neocolonialism is voting with Colonists
On the world stage.
Neocolonialism is stationing Colonial Troops
In Independent Nations.
Neocolonialism is protecting colonial interests
In the absence of the Colonists.
Neocolonialism is having colonial interests
Dictate local legislation.

Neocolonialism, more pernicious than Colonialism.
Neocolonialism is mental domination,
While Colonialism is physical domination.
Physical domination is temporal,
Mental domination is permanent, and may
Become part of the genes of the Neocolonized.
Religion and Capitalism are powerful tools
Employed by the Neocolonists.

More people killed in the world by Neocolonialism
Than by human sacrifice and cannibalism.
More nations impoverished by Neocolonialism
Than by natural disasters.
Neocolonialism, addictive as drugs.
Neocolonialism, addictive as Religion.
Changing a Neocolonialist, as difficult as
Discarding imprinted Religion.


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