Hungry, angry, and confused peasant
steals a 200 Naira loaf of bread,
To assuage own hunger and prevent starvation of family.
Arrested, incarcerated and charged to court.
Presiding Judge sets impossible bail conditions.
Bail set at 200,000 Naira cash bond
with two sureties,
Each surety must be a billionaire, owning valuable
Real estate in Abuja, London, New York or Dubai.

Hello Judge, no one with friends in high places,
Steals a 200 Naira loaf of bread to feed a hungry family.
Impossible bail conditions imposed
by Nigerian Judges and Magistrates,
Meant to restrict thieving to well-heeled Nigerians.
Justice delayed, denied, or depraved by onerous bail conditions is,
Injustice or judicial lynching by corrupt Nigerian Judiciary.
Corrupt bail conditions, overripe for judicial review and reform.


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