Onitsha in flames, on
October 16, 2019.
Onitsha reignited, on
October 18, 2019.
All in the commercial districts.
Two fuel tanker fires,
In two different commercial districts of same town!

Occurring within 48 hours of each other.
Vehicles burning, houses burning
Properties torched, and destroyed.
Drains turned into hot lava,
As the fiery and deadly mixture
Of water and fuel raced
And consumed everything in its path.

Human torches ignited,
By flammable tanker cargo,
Zigzagging like firecrackers.
Charred and barbecued humans,
Litter the landscape and drains.
Bonfire fueled by flammable cargo
Visible for miles, giving sky an orange hue.

Eight months ago, at Amawbia Junction,
A similar incident involving
A fuel tanker, almost torched
The Governor’s Lodge – Governor’s residence.
Governor’s security post torched,
Seven died, and more to die.
Drivers and Tankers are always of Northern extraction.

Is this the next phase of
The Boko Haram Terrorist campaign,
Or is it a continuation of the
Othman Dan Fodio Jihad, or Python Dance III,
An act of God or the Devil?
These fires reek of Terrorism!
Are Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen involved?

3 thoughts on “TERROR BY TANKER FIRES.

  1. Loss of lives and wealth planned by their masters and executed by their fellowers, that only the “blind” cannot see.
    Thank you Sir, for voicing out these terrorist acts. No amount of terrorism by these Terrorist vagabonds will deter the South Easterners from demanding justice and equity.

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