Let Ruga Settlements reign!
Let Ruga Settlements reign!!
Let Ruga Settlements reign!!!
RUGA Settlements for Fulanis in Igboland
RUGA Settlements for Igbos in Hausaland
RUGA Settlements for Fulanis in Idomaland
RUGA Settlements for Mumuyes in Ibibioland
RUGA Settlements for Fulanis in Mumuyeland.

As there are homeless Fulanis from the Futa Jallon Mountains
So there are homeless Tivs, Efiks, ijaws, and Kanuris
Roaming aimlessly in their ancestral Tiv, Efik, Ijaw, and Kanuri lands.
Resettlement, very noble and laudable gesture by Buhari
Resettlement must be comprehensive and include Sudanese and Nigeriens.
Occupants of RUGA Settlements must reflect National Character
What is good for Fulani cattle, good for Berom cattle
Berom Cattle reared in Nigeria before Foreign Fulani Invasion.

Nigeria was not, is not, and will never be a country
But a Settlement promised the Fulanis by Allah.
Nigerians, hopeless against Allah’s wishes
Fulanization, Islamization, and Emiratization are Allah’s wishes.
Miyetti Allah established by Allah’s wish and Allah
Has willed Nigeria to Fulanis and MACBAN Terrorists.
Next, Nigeria shall import Brazilian grass to seed the Settlements
Fulani cows need grass, more than Nigerians need food.

Nigeria, the land of cowards and the spinelessly Religious
Nigeria, the land of the religiously brainwashed Christians.
Nigerians, reliving the nightmarish marriage of convenience effected
By Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, and the other clueless “Nationalists.”
RUGA (Real Estate Under Government Annexation) only benefits Fulanis
Present day Nigerians continuing legacy of acquiescence to Fulani Autocratic Rule
A rule ushered in by the murderous Jihadic conquests of Othman Dan Fodio.
Nigeria is nothing but a Fulani Settlement owned by Human Cows!

*RUGA = Fulani (Fulfulde) for compound.

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