Every Nigerian Christian prayer starts with Jesus

Every Nigerian Christian prayer ends with Jesus.

Every Nigerian countdown begins with Jesus

Every Nigerian countdown ends with Jesus.

Jesus grants Nigerians permission to eat

Jesus grants Nigerians permission to defecate.

Jesus grants Nigerians permission to urinate

Jesus grants Nigerian permission to sleep.

Nigerian Automobiles driven by Jesus

Nigerian Airplanes piloted by Jesus

Nigerian Ships piloted by Jesus.

Nigerian Armies armed by Jesus

While money for arms goes into private pockets.

Traditional breaking of kola nuts taken over by Jesus

Soon breathing may be impossible without

Jesus granting the much needed permission.

As Jesus permeates and dominates Nigerian life

So does criminality, immorality, and corruption

Dominate Nigerian life and culture.

The Nigerian Jesus must be nonchalant to entreaties by Nigerians

For salvation or life makeovers, or Jesus must

Recognize fake and Obsequious Deference by Nigerians.

Jesus and Nigerians, a match made in Hell and not Heaven.

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