Ibadan used to be the epicenter of Yoruba politics, Control Ibadan and control Yoruba politics. Not any more as Islamic Yorubas are now Controlled by Sokoto and not Ibadan.
The Emir of Sokoto, also known as the Sultan of Sokoto is the Permanent Supreme Head of Nigerian and Fulani Muslims.
What is good for Fulani Islamists is excellent for Yoruba Muslims.

Islam thrives on a system of patronage and Religious control of the State. Yoruba Christians converting to Islam or becoming unctuous Islamic Christian sympathizers to continue enjoying State Patronage.
The Nigerian State is controlled by Islamists, bent on National Islamization, Shariazation, and Fulanization.
Yorubas only yell obscenities in rather undignified but apparently self-serving manner, when the crumbs of state directed from Sokoto are paltry.

Welcome to the new Yoruba order, Ibadan now answerable to Sokoto. Most Yorubas joining the bandwagon of one indivisible Nigeria, are Islamists teleguided from Sokoto.
Yoruba demand for Oduduwa Nation, drowned out by demands for the continued servitude of Islamic Yorubas to the descendants of Othman Dan Fodio, the murderous Jihadist from the Senegambia.
When will Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ado-Ekiti, Osogbo, and Akure have Emirs as Ilorin?
A new tribe, Yoruba-Fulanis to compliment Hausa-Fulanis is not implausible.

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